Sustainable Agriculture Practice

70% of Population in India live in rural areas and belong to family farming. Current farming practices through overuse and abuse of natural resources have reduced the ecosystem’s capacity to generate sustainable yields.

The organization Providing & promoting Advance agriculture techniques and best practices through Demonstration and farmers Training and Capacity Development of FIG (farmers Interest group) under Agriculture Technical Managent Agency (ATMA) JHANSI, Uattar Pradesh, India - Bundelkhand package programme in Block Badagoan & Gursarai of Dist. Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh, India.

The Organization Associated with MPDPIP (Madhya Pradesh District Poverty Initiative Project) for Livelihood Initiatives Program in Chhattarpur (Madhya Pradesh, India) through Common Interest Group (CIG). We are Providing trainings to farmers in framers field and organized demonstration also.

Women Empowerment Through Self-Help Groups

This was initiated within a NABARD project since 2009 with a target to form 100 SHGs and provide credit linkage. The plan was to create and consolidate them through Training and support by: - Record keeping, accounting, finance, governance, leadership -Inter-loaning and bank linkages -Exploring ways to increase income through income generation approaches It is heartening to note that over 1,200 SHG members have been trained in last 4 years. As of today there are 100 groups with 1000+ members with 22 SHGs where credit linkages have been completed with banks.